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Wonderland Charter School is a full-day kindergarten through 5th grade school whose vision is that each child is an individual that requires an educational model to recognize in detail each child's strengths and weaknesses.  The traditional 'one-size fits all' educational model allows many children to drop through the crack, not to develop to their full potential, or to develop into discipline problems with a commensurate disdain for school.  The education that each child needs to receive has to be geared to their specific needs.  Weaknesses must be overcome and strengths must be enhanced to bolster their self-esteem and provide a solid foundation for future schooling.  Our vision is to meet each child's needs educationally, emotionally, and socially before they enter first grade.

  Wonderland Charter School accepts children with varied backgrounds, assesses their individual developmental levels prior to the start of the school year through a screening process, and determines their starting capabilities in the areas of:

    p  Fine & Gross Motor Skills
    p  Creative & Imaginative Development
    p  Social & Emotional Development
    p  Cognitive Development
    p  Acquired Readiness Skills

Then from the assessed information, Wonderland Charter School, in concert with the parent, will develop an Differentiated Education Plan (DEP) to fit each child's needs using the Wonderland Curriculum and 78 developed objective standards.  The goal will be, with the assistance of parents, to develop each child to their full potential in the five areas listed above and, in kindergarten, master the 78 standards so that they develop a love for school and are fully prepared and equipped to easily enter the next year's grade in their local school district (or any other school of their parent's choice) the following September.