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Effective Education Squelched  <===  Article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal May 12, 1999 written by Dr. Lynne Cheney and reprinted here with her permission.  This article gives some insight into the Direct Instruction (DISTAR) curriculum we use at Wonderland Charter School and some explanation why it isn't more widely known.  Dr. Cheney is a distinguished Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization.  She is a past chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities and is a prolific writer.  Dr. Cheney  lectures before national audiences on educational reform and cultural issues and has testified before congressional committees on these subjects.

No More Waiting - School Choice    <===  There are few issues in education that evoke more interest and emotion than school choice. Nearly 200,000 children benefit from choice programs in 12 states and DC. This new CER report looks at the impact school choice is having throughout the country.

Fact Checking Charter School Achievement   <===  Fact-Checking Charter School Achievement documents the true achievement of charter schools, a reform celebrated daily in more than 5,000 schools in 40 states around the country.

Public Charter School Dashboard: 2009 edition   <===  Every year the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools releases an annual “Dashboard” of leading statistical indicators about the growth and quality of public charter schools in each of the 41 jurisdictions nationwide that have charter legislation. This year's edition provides numerous statistics, including the following: more than 1.4 million students now attend over 4,600 public charter schools nationwide; the student population has grown 11 percent and the number of schools has grown 8 percent since one year ago; and 62 percent of public charter school students are non-white and 48 percent qualify for free and reduced price lunch (compared with 45% non-white and 45% free and reduced price lunch in all public schools). While 56 percent of students attend public charter schools in large cities, a growing percentage of students are enrolled in them in rural areas (14% compared with 11% five years ago). Nationally, the average public charter school has been open 5.9 years. This data-rich document provides numerous statistics on each jurisdiction with public charter schools.  Date: 2009  Source: National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

The Impact of Charter Schools on Student Achievement <===  In 2005, researchers Jonah Rockoff from Columbia and Caroline Hoxby from Harvard rocked the education establishment by releasing a study on the positive effects of charter schools on student achievement in the Windy City of Chicago. They did it again this year. Their newly published study, released this fall, finds similar results – charter school students outperform comparable students in Chicago conventional public schools. The study, Findings from the City of Big Shoulders, shows that charter students score five to six points higher in math and approximately five points higher in reading. If these gains continue, the belabored achievement gap between disadvantaged, minority students and middle-income, white students will all but disappear during the elementary school years. Great news for Chicago's charter kids and even better news for all public school students.  Click here for the Unabridged Study

2002 Survey of Charter Schools from The Center of Education Reform    This report is the Center for Education Reform's presentation of key findings of its most recent nationwide survey of charter schools, including data compiled from charter schools operating in the 2001/2002 school year.  As such, it shows the success charter schools are having and disproves much of what the opponents of charter schools are saying.

The next three articles are relatively new additions to our web site and illustrate the continuing struggle of charter schools across the country.  Sometimes it is beneficial to see that things we do in 'Happy Valley' are tied  in to events across our country.

Nine Lies about School Choice   "When Nine Lies first came out in 1993, little concrete evidence existed about school choice. Proponents at the time were forced to defend school choice against a barrage of arguments armed with little more than analogies, assumptions and economic principles."  In this article, learn how things have changed over the last few years and the empirical data that supports the argument that giving parents a choice in their child's education is actually good for the public education system in America.

Education by Charter:  The New Neighborhood Schools
This article by Jeanne Allen, who is the past President of The Center for Education Reform gives a national perspective to charter schools and the parents behind them.

Could School Districts Survive Their Own Rules for Charters?  
This is an interesting article written in April 2001 by Mike Antonucci, the director of the Education Intelligence Agency.  This agency conducts public education research, analysis and investigations.

Center for Education Reform:  New Report on Charter Schools' Impact  <=== February 2000 report from Center for Education Reform showing charter schools and their positive impact on our nation's schools.  This report includes survey results and state rankings.

Promising Initiatives    <===  Promising Initiatives to Improve Public Education in Your Community :  Public Charter Schools Program - February 2000.  (A fact sheet disseminated by the US Department of Education on charter schools . (pdf format)

Executive Summary    <=== Charter Schools Today:  Changing the Face of American Education.  An Executive Summary of a February 2000 report by the Center for Education Reform detailing choices available to parents; the positive impact charter schools are having on traditional school districts; and the various trends associated with charter schools.

Hudson Institute   <=== Charter Schools in Action:  What Have We Learned?  (Executive Summary of a report done by Hudson Institute, a nonpartisan nonprofit research institute.)

Giving Parents More Choices      <=== A fact sheet disseminated by the US Department of Education on charter schools . (pdf format)

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