Performance to date
Making a craft for our visit to a Senior Citizen Home!

A typical way to burn up energy!

Another fun activity at Recess Time!
Wonderland Charter School continues to be a resounding success!  The children are learning and the parents are happy.  We did what we said we were going to do!  That is, develop and implement a Differentiated Education Plan for each and every child!  We have the entire range of children you would expect from a true cross-section of our community.  At the end of the kindergarten school year, some children are reading and doing math above grade level (2nd to 4th grade).  The bottom line is that each and every child is progressing nicely according to their individual talents and potential!

In each of the last eighteen years, the students mastered over 95% of their assigned objectives without stress!  This is phenomenal!  Our original goal thirteen years ago was to master 85% of the objectives.  This had never been done before in the United States.  We attribute the success to a large part on having consistency and structure, 2 certified teachers in each kindergarten room, our own educational delivery system, the use of the DISTAR Curriculum for Reading, Math, and Language, plus the development of our own, unique teaching application management system.  The system Wonderland Charter School developed application allows us to assign and track each child's progress accurately and without stress on the students or the teachers.  In fact, during School Year 2011/2012, 23,528 learning objectives were assigned to the collective kindergarten student body of 36 students.  It is easy to assign objectives.  But, we taught those 23,500+ objectives and tracked the students' mastery of them.  Our system allows the visibility teachers need to determine how a child is learning and whether or not that child needs extra help at a critical time.  This unique system was directly responsible for the kindergarten children mastering 22,800 of those assigned objectives for a mastery rate of 96.9%!