How to Register (Open Enrollment Period)

You can obtain a Letter of Interest by visiting us at 2112 Sandy Drive (click on  Where We're Located  to see exactly where we are located.)
Or, you can click on Letter of Interest SY 2018-2019
 to fill out the form and E-mail it to us.  (Note you must visit Wonderland Charter School in person before you can submit the Letter of Interest.)

You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the Letter of Interest if you don't have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can download it for free at this link:

 Once you have finished reading the document in Adobe Acrobat, click on the Acrobat's back icon to return to this web page.
Registration Procedures:

We planned on having approximately 100 children enrolled at Wonderland Charter School for SY 2018/2019.  Wonderland Charter School now includes Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, & 5th grade.

The enrollment process for SY 2018/2019 is now in the Open Enrollment Period.  At this point, the enrollment process is a first-come, first-served mode.  Prior to submitting the Letter of Interest, you will first need to call and make an appointment to come see the school in person and receive an orientation on our school.  This orientation is not a 'sell job'.  Rather it is an informative session that explains what we are and what parents can expect from us.  Because charter schools are different from district schools, as well as different from other charter schools, it is relatively easy for the situation to arise where a parent does not know what a particular charter school is designed to accomplish and how it is expected to accomplish that mission.  In those cases, it is hard for that particular charter school to fulfill a parent's expectation.  This session is designed to avoid that from occurring by providing parents information ahead of time so they can make an informed decision.  These orientations started in January and will continue up to September of the start of the school year.

Based on Charter School Law, we are now accepting registrations from residents of the State College Area School District, as well as residents of Penns Valley, Bellefonte, Bald Eagle, Tyrone, or any other surrounding Pennsylvania school district on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you think you are interested in what we have to offer, please come look us over.  We request that you give us a call so we can schedule a mutually convenient time for your visit.  We ask that you call so we don't have too many adult visitors in the classrooms at one time which tends to distract our children who are already in the school.  We know that our school is not for every child.  Our curriculum is different and our goals are also different.  This is really an issue of "Parental Choice"!

If you think you might be interested in having your child attend the following years after SY 2018/2019, please contact us with information on how to contact you.  We can then put your information in a file for the pertinent year and notify you when that year's particular Letter of Interest Period is approaching.  You can write us at Wonderland Charter School; 2112 Sandy Drive; State College, PA 16803.  Or, you can e-mail us at:

   Note:  This e-mail link only works if you have an e-mail program 'locally' on your computer such as Outlook Express, etc.   If you use e-mail program outside your computer such as Yahoo, HotMail, or Netscape Mail, then this link won't work for you.  If that is the case our e-mail address that you will need to type into your program is