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If you would like to talk directly to one of the parents who has a child attending Wonderland Charter School, just let us know and we can give you several parents to contact.  In that way, you can get a parent's perspective on whether or not Wonderland Charter School is making a difference for their child!

Our Chief Executive Officer is Kelly J. Raudabaugh

Our Educational Director is Marilyn L. Ohnmeis

Our Board of Directors is composed of the following:

Dr. Michael Pusateri, President
Mrs. Michelle Schafer, Secretary
Mrs. Angel Atwood
Mrs. Jessica Herzing
Mrs. Kristin L. Myers

Our Open Records Officer is:
Hal Ohnmeis, Business Manager
Wonderland Charter School
2112 Sandy Drive
State College, PA 16803
Ph:  (814) 234-5886
Download a Records Request Form by cliking the link below:
Adboe Acrobat pdf format:
Word Document Format:
Contact Information for PA Office of Open Records:

A request for copies of public records or information produced there from must be accompanied by payment of fees to cover the direct cost of duplication as set forth below:
   1. Fees for the actual cost of mailing.
   2. $0.25 per page for duplication by photocopying or printing or other means of duplication.
   3. $5.00 for official certification if requested by the requestor.
   4. Reasonable fees to cover other types of reproduction costs, inclusion conversion, electronic access, etc.
   5. Allowable additional actual costs incurred by the district which are necessary for complying with the request.

Our Mail Address is:
Wonderland Charter School
2112 Sandy Drive
State College, PA 16803

Our telephone is (814) 234-5886

You can also contact us through e-mail at

Note:  This e-mail link only works if you have an e-mail program 'locally' on your computer such as Outlook Express, etc.   If you use e-mail program outside your computer such as Yahoo, HotMail, or Netscape Mail, then this link won't work for you.  If that is the case our e-mail address that you will need to type into your program is