Wonderland Approved for Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Wonderland Charter School is now approved to provide a Kindergarten through 5th Grade education!

Since the opening of Wonderland Charter School in 1999, parents have been asking us to continue their child's education past our kindergarten level.  As part of strategic planning required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Wonderland Charter School Board of Directors has studied extensively the feasibility of evolving the structure of Wonderland Charter School.  After several years of study and extensive work by the board and teachers of Wonderland Charter School, it was decided the right thing to do was evolve our structure so as to provide up to a 5th grade education.  The approval to teach children to 5th Grade has been secured and Wonderland Charter School now teaches children from Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

For some compelling testimony presented at the SCASD Board of Directors meeing by a mother of a currently enrolled student speaking in support of Wonderland Charter School, please click on the link below:

Parent Testimony at Wonderland's Renewal Hearing!