Open Letter to the Board of Directors of the State College Area School District

Dear SCASD Board of Directors,

   We respectfully ask that you look at the parent videos posted below.  Wonderland Charter School is not in competition to replace the State College Area School District (SCASD).  Rather, we are and have been a supplement to SCASD and the Centre Region school districts for the last 20 years.  Not every single child out of the roughly 13,000 Centre Region students will fit into the educational mold offered by the districts.  And, it is all about a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).  For those children that do not fit well at a district, Wonderland Charter School offers the parents a viable alternative within the public school realm.

   The parents in the video clips freely chose to appear in front of a camera in an attempt to explain why they want Wonderland Charter School to remain open with a renewed charter.  They spoke from their hearts and tried to convey why Wonderland Charter School continues to be and has been a vital element in their families.      

   As you review the parent videos, the parents’ passion and love for Wonderland Charter School will unfold before your eyes. Wonderland Charter School is not just a school, it is a unique educational setting that feels like home!  The needs of the parents and children should weigh in your decision to renew Wonderland Charter School’s charter.
To listen to a parent, please cick on their picture.
Jeffrey Gregg
Tatiana Gregg
Charlie Pifer
Heather Sustersic
Mike Janik
Zhanna Aseyev
Jessica Herzing
Julie Dix
Kirk Behrer
Kelly McClure
Michael Sager
Erin Mickney
Chen Chen
John Deffenbaugh
Chiara Gillespie
Shannon Henry
Rose Mwangi
Onolee Oberrender
Nicole Anderson
Grace Fang
Gonna Jaltir
Susan Mickelsen
Edita Aslanyan

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