On May 7th 2018, 88 parents and 1 student showed up to speak at the SCASD Public Board meeting.  They were there to speak in favor of Wonderland and why they want Wonderland to stay open for thier children and future children.  Unfortunately, the SCASD Board of Directors rudely changed the agenda and limited the time available to speak at the beginning of the meeting to 30 minutes.  11 parents out of the 88 present had a chance to present their views.  All other parents wishing to comment had to wait 4 1/2 hours to almost midnight.  There were 3 parents who felt strong enough to wait those 4 1/2 hours and presented comments at close to midnight!
Others are taking the opportunity to speak later.  Presented below are the 11 parents who got the chance to speak.  The order below is the order these parents spoke and is not a reflection of one parent's view being more important or relevant than another parent's.  In fact, all parents' views are relevant and usually different from each other.
A School You Only Dream Of!

Wonderland Undergoing Renewal Process!

Listen to parents comment about Wonderland Charter School
presented at the May 7th 2018
SCASD Board meeting!
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Tuition-Free Public School

Wonderland will be open next school year!  Guaranteed!!

Free Before & After School Care!
David Jenkins
Chiara Gillespie
Shannon Henry
Matthew Rohrbaugh
Zhen Lei
Jennifer Malick-Williams
Grace Fang
James Mickney
Jared Morris
Linda Conrad
Kelly McClure

Set the foundation for your child's entire educational future!

 Wonderland Charter School is up, running well, and closing in on its 20th year of teaching young children with an astonishingly effective education methodology!  As a charter school we are a public school which means there is no tuition or other charges to attend this school!

As a charter school our vision and mission are different than the traditional education found in school districts.  A fact that is lost on our local school district!  In fact, Wonderland Charter School has been at the leading edge of innovative education for the early childhood student with much of Pennsylvania now starting to implement what we have developed and proven over the last 19+ years!

Wonderland Charter School gives parents a choice of where they want their child to go to school and what they want them to learn.  If you truly want the best for your child and the chance to set the educational foundation for your child's entire educational future, then look no further than Wonderland Charter School.  Please take a few minutes to browse this web site to gain just a small appreciation of the possibilities that await your child!

"Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children!"

Walt Disney
"The charter school movement represents what is best about
American public education -- a willingness to change, to be
impatient, to demand excellence -- and at the same time -- a deep, abiding commitment to the democratic principles that define public education."

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley

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